Toyota Fortuner

This article is by Egyptians who are gathering expertise in Fortuners specially its maintenance and modifications for Offroading safaris in deserts. Toyota Fortuner is a rising star in the offroading scene in Egypt. It inherited the formidable design of the amazing hilux, the reliability of Toyota, the offroading experience of the Land Cruiser and the comfort of the Japanese designs.



Toyota for sale

Model: Toyota Corolla 1996 / Mileage: 155,000 Km. / Engine info: 4 Cylinders, 1300 CCs /  Transmission: Manual  / Power steering – central lock – electric windows / Color: Grey Metallic. / Extra accessories: Cassette, back speakers / Condition of car: Very good condition  / Location of the car: Egypt - Cairo – Nasr City

Type of item
Reem Fahim. 123 Mohamed El Makreef st. (parallel to Hassan Ma2moon -share3 el nady el ahly) Nasr City. 0115057172 - 0143030228

How to Sell Your Car

Submitted by Molta on Fri, 2009/05/22 - 1:44pm

This article offers some practical tips into making your car more sellable if you ever decided time is up for a new one. It's sort of a brief essay that advices you, in organized steps, how to decide on selling your car; starting with pricing, fixing it if needed, putting it out for sale, negotiating the price, and last finalizing needed legal documents. You will find those tips usable for whichever place you’re in. As for registry details and procedures mentioned here, they are more oriented towards those who happen to live in Egypt.

How to obtain or renew car license in Egypt

Submitted by Molta on Tue, 2009/02/03 - 11:32pm

This post lists procedures and documents needed to obtain or renew car License, or transform ownership of a newly bought second hand vehicle in Cairo, highlighting many traffic services-related issues and new methods introduced to enhance citizens/ foreigners’ experience, such as traffic services provided through Egypt's Electronic Government's website.