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The most famous destination for backpackers in South-East Asia.

Quick facts:

Visa: free of charge but you have to apply from country of residence, gives you 2 months from the arrival date

Time zone: GMT +7

Location, Boarders: South-East Asia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia

Capital: Bangkok

Language: Thai language

Religion: Buddhists, significant Muslim minorities in the south

Currency: Thai Bhat, 1USD = 30000B

Price guide: pepsi bottle (500 ml) = 17000B


NB. Maps are available for free at all tourist information centers and travel agencies





The liveliest and busiest capital in South East Asia. It has a lot to offer, city life, shopping, historic attractions and more.


Where to stay

Most budget places are around Khao San rd. (dorms 100B, single room 150B, double 250)






Grand Palace: the royal palace of Thailand with the emerald Buddha temple. Dress code:long pants and closed shoes. Fee: 350B, hours: 8:30 – 15:30

Vimanmek mansion: his teak palace was the home of king RAMA V, entry ticket is included with the grand palace ticket or 100B individual ticket. The complex is worth visiting, hours:9 -4.

Sleeping Buddha: at Wat Pho (5 min walk from the palace), the biggest gold plated sleeping Buddha

National museum: no photography allowed.

Wat Arun: temple of dawn is the biggest temple in Bangkok, fee: 50B

MBK, Siam Center: this area contains some huge malls with nice views for the metropolitan city

Getting there and away

All types of transportation are available from/to Bangkok.

Buses and public transport are the best way to move around the city.





Amphawa floating market

The floating market in Amphawa is held on weekends, and the visitors are mostly Thai people tourists. It is not as touristy as the Damneon Saduk market (the famous one), and it had much better reviews.

Where to stay

Several home stays and guesthouses are available, double room from 400B, if you are alone you can get it for 200B.

Sights and Activities:

Besides the floating market there is no much to see

Market hours: Saturday, Sunday 3pm - 9pm (officially 12pm – 9pm)

Night boat: for fireflies spotting by the river banks (50B)

Day boat to temples and around market: 50B it would

Getting there and away

Buses to Amphawa from Bangkok southern bus station 70B.

The return bus drop off is in Bangkok center by the victory memorial.




Chiang Mai:

This city in the north of Thailand is famous for trekking and the Buddhist temples.



Trekking: trekking through the jungles around the north can be arranged from chiang mai, with tours normally includes white water rafting, elephant ride and a visit to the long neck tribe. 3days 2nights trek should cost 900B, use all your bargaining skills

Courses: meditation, cooking and Muai thai boxing courses are widely available in Chang mai

Visiting the temples and relaxing in the town:

Zip lining: chiang mai hosts the longest zipline around S.E.A (850m) operated by “flight of the gibbon” company

Extra activities: bungy jumping, tiger farm, paint ball, off-road buggies

Getting there and away

There are buses from/to Bangkok  (300B – 450B), train (700B – 900B)

You can hire a motorbike or a bicycle to go around town.

Krabi and Southern Islands:

South of Thailand hosts some of the most beautiful tropical islands anyone can see. Krabi town is relaxed people use it as a hub to the islands and beaches. the main beaches on the mainland are: Reilay and Ao Nang. While the most famous islands are Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi (where “the beach” movie was filmed)

Where to stay

in Krabi town, most of the gueshouses offer rooms from 150B (high season price), while in phi phi island there are 3 dorms (300B) and rooms starts from 600B.

Sights and Activities:

All beach activities and water sports are available in addition to rock climbing.

Getting there and away

Buses to Krabi from Bangkok starts from 500B, there is no direct train but you can stop at surathani and then take a bus.

To phi phi: from krabi boat costs 250B (90 min)

Railay baeach is only accessible by long tail boat (150B from krabi town)