Toyota Fortuner

This article is by Egyptians who are gathering expertise in Fortuners specially its maintenance and modifications for Offroading safaris in deserts. Toyota Fortuner is a rising star in the offroading scene in Egypt. It inherited the formidable design of the amazing hilux, the reliability of Toyota, the offroading experience of the Land Cruiser and the comfort of the Japanese designs.



How to avoid getting bogged down in Sahel beaches

Submitted by Mabrouk on Thu, 2017/06/22 - 10:45pm

Ever heard of a friend who just modified his 4x4 and ventured into Sahel's sandy beach only to humiliate himself by getting bogged down in sand? (Arabic: يغرز فى الرمل) This is to help those poor machos.

Well, few years ago, Jeep Wranglers got so many in Egypt suddenly. They claim those 4x4 SUV cars can get you everywhere but they never told you that Desert requires extra driving skills (a lot more than driving actually) to use those cars right.

4x4 Iftar 2017

This is the final schedule and instructions of the Club's Annual 4x4 Iftar for 4x4 Owners. Here are the details of the event in Ramadan 2017.

Warning: This page should be read as a part of the main page of our annual 4x4 iftar.


Safer than ever, we got ABOU GHALY's Maintenance Car Mobile Service covering cars specially Jeeps & Subarus 4x4s as well as KTM motorbikes. In addition to the local knowledge of our Bedouin organizers preparing hot drinks, setting up toilets and providing many services.

Blue Lagoon

Abu Galloum
Method to Get There
4x4 advised
Owner Gomaa's number :01003753340
Cost Per Night

if you go from nweba3, you need 4x4 car, if you go from dahab, you will go to Blue Hole, then take camel to Ras abu galum, then car to blue lagoon. the car rent from nweba3 300 LE, camel from blue hole 50, and the car from abu galum to blue lagoon around 40. dont expect much service, and beware of drugs use, but also there is amazing kite surfing and wind surfing inside the camp.

Al Tarfa Luxury Ecolodge & Spa

Dakhla Oasis, Western Desert
Method to Get There
Road (excellent track for normal cars)
Contact altarfalodge@gmail.com for further details or call +2 0100 100 1109
Cost Per Night
DBL Superior Room at EUR 220. SGL Superior Room at EUR 360. Call for special offers in seasons or for groups

The most internationally award-winning lodge in Egypt. Expensive in taste and located in the furthest oasis of Western Desert and closest to elGilf elKabir with nearby airport.

Perhaps this is the most popular 'ecolodge' for Hollywood stars, European royalties and internationally recognized personalities looking for a secluded sanctuary that's both in the middle of great cultural and natural heritage furthest from sophisticated civilisation but with internationally appreciated taste for good service and accessibility.