How to Use Transportation to St Catherine

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This article is dedicated for Transportation from Cairo.

Sharq el Delta bus ( Cairo – Suez—St Catherine ):

2 buses daily from El Torgoman ( Ramses ) and then from Almaza Station ( masr el gedida )

From Almaza they are leaving at 11.45 am and 2 am, ticket are for 30 LE for Egyptians


It takes very long time as it pass through Sues first and usually ,and they used to make in this line the worst buses they have so you will not be satisfied by the cleanliness of the bus and it is always stop many times to fix something at bus engine or taking passengers from middle of roads .

Any bus to Sharm el Sheikh:

Many buses leave from Cairo from different companies like El Gouna, Go Bus and super jet. They are leaving periodically at morning or at night, tickets range from 50 LE to 80LE according to time and company .


Buses at this line are more brand new and with high level of maintenance you can ask the driver to drop you at ( Mafareq St Catherine or lagnet el mafare2 ) .

You should coordinate with a private driver from St Catherine to take you from el Mafare2 .

Transportation from el mafare2 to St Catherine cost about 100 +_ 20 LE .

Bedouin Driver: Sheikh Eid 0693470040.

This mean of transportation is suitable if you are individual need to go there in shorter time and not expensive mean of transportation with flexible time of leaving Cairo.

Car Renting:

From the start of Cairo-Suez road to St Catherine by a car model 2007/2008 ( mainly Mitsubishi) for 500 LE (not including transportation inside Cairo which you can add from 10 LE to 50 LE depends on the deal between you and the agency).

This means of transportation could be suitable for a group of 3 persons as it is faster, flexible as you can take rest whenever possible, you will avoid over waiting with police checkup and if u have heavy weight the car could carry it from your home to the location you go.

The owner of agency is called Adel and his number is 0103979759

little notification is that prices and times are subjected to change so it
would be more than welcome for any addition to this article, these
prices are for the year of 2007 so be aware of any increase :).