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Cairo is the largest city in Africa and the Middle East and one of the largest and oldest in Human history. Its richness defies imagination from ancient Pyramids to ultra modern Hotels and residences complex. Its culture is one of the most cosmopolitan in history amalgamating elements from ancient Egyptian era to the time of American super-power and post 2011 revolution.


Map of districts

Cairo is one of the largest and oldest Cities in the World. The districts are called Qisms (Arabic: قسم) and are shown on the map. Each Qism is divided still into Sheyakha (Arabic: شياخة).


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Places in Cairo

Other SaharaSafaris Place Articles in Cairo are:

Wekalet El Balah

Wadi Degla

Al Muiz Lidinillah Street

Paper Recycling Projects

List of Charity projects responsible of recycling paper in Cairo:

  1. Project in Moqatam: for the benefits of poor girls of the garbage collectors at Mansheyat Naser. They can come and collect paper Contact person: Mr Magued +2 012 11 85954
  2. Ressala Charity Organization: Tel: 19450. Website: and for recylcing:
  3. Al Boraq Charity Group. Address: 11 Kabol st., behind El Sallag and pararell to Makram Obeid st., Nasr City. Contact person: Ahmed Saied +2 0105038388. They have problem to collect hard cartoon boxes.


Car Rental


  1. Mohamed Abdellah, mobile : 002 0100084517
  2. Green Miles Mr. Mohamed : 002 010 60 955 81
  3. Rehab Cars Tel : 002 0229 08835 Mobile: 002 010-212 3011


Traffic jams are common in Cairo during rush and off-peak hours. Yet there is usually more than one option to get from one place to another through various bridges and tunnels around the city. These two websites provide unofficial information on traffic by relying on live input from drivers on the road (or their passengers). They also offer applications for BlackBerries and iPhones. Please note that updates from these websites are provided by a community of online users and can potentially be unreliable.



Tour Guides

  1. Sherif El-Ghamry:  +2 010 341 35 00
  2. Tamer Fathy +2 010 512 1515
  3. Emad +2010600 380  - English and Frenchspeaking guide.
  4. Crocodile Egypt Travel +2024180280 +20122281922
  5. Magdy Hosny, +2 010 5334369

Public Sports Facilities

Sports are commonly practised in private clubs or youth centres. These facilities are usually restricted to members and may not be availaible to everyone. Another alternative is courts at hotels or other public facilities. This is a list of these facilities:


  • 2 courts: Adjacent to Ibn AlArkam mosque in Nasr City (Madeenet Nasr) +30.057678°,+031.350878°
  • 2 courts: In the vicinity of Genena Mall [missing coordinates]
  • Hilton squash courts: Nile Hilton Hotel


  • Al Rehab residential compound


  • Swimming Pool Complex: PO Box 9060, Nasr City- Cairo, 11765


There doesn't seem to be any special facilities available to the public and non-professional teams. Recreational cycling is not common in Cairo apart from occasional long-distance travel cyclists, racers, and grocers' delivery bicycles. Mountain biking is catching up, specially in the Wadi Degla area.

For tips, check Cycling in Cairo.

Fitness Centers (ladies-friendly)

Name Telephone Address Site
Soupless center (ladies only) 02-33034415 Lebanon square beside Pizza Hut ______
The Center of Misr el Dawly Hospital 02-7617209 / 3353345 2nd turn right from Vigny square-Dokki ______
Creative Dance and Fitness Center) Samia Allouba ______ in front of Shell besides share3 el laselky ______
Gold's gym 36492267 121 El Nile Street, Giza
33820015 One El Mahata Square Maadi Palace Building, Maadi, Cairo
28372200 University Misr University for Science Technology 26th July Corridor,October City
010 251 853 - 2 3850 7872 Commercial Center, Gate 7 Hadayk El Mohandssen, El Sheikh Zayed, El Sheikh Zayed City
Curves 202 2414 2313 25 Murad Bek St. (Off Salah Salem, Heliopolis, Cairo,
202 2517 0390 27, Road 263 New Maadi, Helwan
202 3305 9158 3 Lebanon Street, Mohandiseen
202 2287 7475 49 Samir Abdel Raouf St. Nasr City, Cairo,
20223801317 20 Road 10, Maadi, Cairo
202 386 0249 Palmera Boulevard - 300 Meters, 6th of October City


Yoga Classes

  • Maulana Azad Centre for Indian Culture (Macic), Tel. nos. 2393 3396/2396 0071; Fax no. 2393 6572; E-mail: ; Web-site
  • Group of yoga teachers and teach yoga in Maadi, Rehab City, Zamalek and Heliopolis. Please call Manal 0106776648  
  • Shake and shape studio. 14 Mostafa Mesharafa, Off Merghany St. Heliopolis, Cairo. Tel: 02-24141521, 010-6281010. Fax: 02-24141521    
  • Sheily Shalaby center - Nasr city in front of City Stars. Phone number: 0128136789, 0224146875  
  • Dr Chirayu Thakkar (Chiru - for short). Presently taking regular classes in Zamalek in evenings and also conducts private lessons. 016 0637001 /
  • Hara, the Yoga place;  Maadi, Street 199, Building 33, Floor 2, Appartment 3-
  • 016 162 8541 or 017 164 3827-  email: 

Firewood Sellers

Ta7t el rab3

A street behind modereyet amn el kahira (in port said street, Old Cairo) full of wood log shops.
Suggested wood for safaris' bonfire is Gazuareena or Guava wood.



There is a street behind modereyet amn el kahira (in port said street)
called "Ta7t el rab3" street full of wood log shops. 
Sugested: Gazuareena or Guava wood!
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