4x4 Iftar

4x4 Iftar Mabrouk Wed, 2017/05/31 - 9:15pm

The full instructions to enjoy the annual iftar of SaharaSafaris 4x4 Club is split into two pages here:

  1. This page outlining all common instructions to all events but that are essential and obligatory during the event. Regulars of the event can skim through it to remind themselves of those essential rules but they have seen them before.
  2. The specific information/instructions to this year's event (eg, Ramadan 2017) which has different meeting point, schedule, offers by partners and different activities. You'll find the link to this page at the bottom of this page.

Both are inseperable and must be read carefully. You are kindly requested to print both pages and keep in your pocket to answer most of your questions. PLEASE READ "ALL" INSTRUCTIONS. YOU MAYBE IN RISK OF GETTING LOST OR ANNOY OTHERS IF YOU DON'T READ ALL! ORGANIZERS WILL NOT COUNT NEITHER REMIND OF WHAT'S NEXT DUE TO THE VERY LARGE NUMBERS AND LARGE PLACE.


On the most beautiful scenes of desert lakes we set our Iftar Camp at the beach and enjoy the evening full of stars and lights reflected on the lake from far Fayoum. In addition to the local knowledge of our Bedouin organizers preparing hot drinks, making optional food (some chooses to order desert delicacies) and setting up toilets.

This is a great opportunity for whole families (who own their 4x4) and who have never enjoyed a desert trip to join this Iftar which is a balance of great scenes, weather, great friendly community, and sky of stars and meteors.


  • Punctuality is KING.
  • Follow Leader ALWAYS by following Numbered 4x4s ahead of you in the order of the convoy.
  • NEVER go outside Leader track unless specifically instructed by Crew member.
  • When offroad engage 4H. When back on road engage 2H. (Note: some cars like Toyota Fortuners are permanent 4H so no need to switch. Ask any of the Crew before we leave meeting point if not certain)
  • No one will remind you from the Crew to start packing or leaving or miss you if you're late. BE PUNCTUAL and USE SCHEDULE (except force majeure) or you may lose us.
  • Always tune in to Walky Talky Channel 5 (ask Crew if needs setting). Please don't talk much on Channel unless you need help.
  • 4X4S & MOTORBIKES ARE STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED TO MOVE once parked without permission from LEADER or CREW. THIS IS A SERIOUS RULE to avoid harming others in the dark or get stuck in sand where Crew cannot find you!
  • If a 4x4 doesn't have the “official numbered sticker” of the Iftar, or SaharaSafaris golden “CREW” Badge on the back of their car, they’re not part of this Iftar! Please avoid and report.
  • It’s only 25mins window to pay and get sticker and place your passengers back to your 4x4, so there will be NO time for toilets nor gas-filling, etc. If you want any of this, plan to arrive an hour or 30mins before recommended arrival time (see schedule at the page of the event of this year). We don’t count the 4x4s before we leave, so you MUST be ready to leave on time SHARP without expecting calls or shouts. We're normally very strict with time. Ask about us!

VERY strict on timing so be careful (even if tens of 4x4s are late, we'll leave with rest just to be on time. See schedule). SSC CREW's phones will mostly be off during the day before event BECAUSE you have the entire time plan (see schedule) in this event's specific page.


All our Iftar events has #ssc4x4iftar and keep it public for all to find it.


  1. Your food & bev with paper cups and plates.
  2. 2X3m carpet (2X3m ONLY).
  3. Garbage bag to carry yours and pack in car to drop in Cairo.
  4. Walky talky (set to Motorola channel 5 & subchannel 0). If you haven't one, join our Radio Amateurs Telegram group https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAD63543LUbz6on1Q_w (needs you to download app on PC or Smarwatch)
  5. a light torch or headlamp.
  6. Your ticket for optional desert delicacy you paid for (if any)


  • Arriving late afternoon, we'll find this summer day stay warm but we are on a beach with nice desert breeze. For those willing, bring your swimsuit and associated things. It's salt water. Be sure to be ready to Iftar by 6.30.
  • Bring a hat. Shoes soft for sand with little rock. Crocs are fine for those trying the Kayaks. On Kayaks, you may use normal clothes or shorts which will be splashed and you'll have to walk in water in ankle deep before you sit on it.
  • Night breeze maybe a bit cold at times. A light coat in car just in case.


Below are the points important for you to fit right away in every step of the trip:


  • Read the two pages. This one holding common information/rules to all events specially if it's your first time. And the other one for the specifics of this event at this year (see link at bottom below).
  • All 4x4s must have their tires at 24 PSI during the trip at all stages from cairo to back.
  • Full tank is important but no need for additional gasoline jerrycans.


  • Print schedule and follow it faithfully.
  • Arrive at Meeting Point and park as instructed without annoying others please.
  • Agree with your passengers on where to go and instruct on exact time of back to car.
  • As per Meeting point instructions, find Leader to finalize get your sticker and instructions and pay.
  • Stick the "Official Number Sticker" at the upper left of your rear windshield.


  • Sometimes a minute early or SHARP on time, Leader's 4x4 (Mabrouk's green Cherokee XJ) will move out of the parking. Be ready and follow in one line behind him.
  • Sequence of Numbers on Sticker is important but not obligatory.
  • If not sure of your position in the order by Number sequence, follow the line behind the leader without annoying others.


  • We are quite stubborn about Safety rules. Buckle up EVERYONE at any time car is moving. Kids even more important to buckle. Roads of Egypt are more dangerous than off-road, you carry responsibilities of other passengers.
  • Tune in your Walky Talky for instructions/updates from Crew while driving (Motorola GMRS channel 5, sub-ch 0 or 462.6625).
  • Mabrouk the Leader will drive slow leading the Caravan so don’t break traffic lights or make dangerous moves on road.
  • Leader will go Max 100 kph. Keep distances car ahead of you on highway at least 15m on slow speeds and max 40m. NEVER leave wide gaps between yours and 4x4 in front of you or you may delay all cars behind you in caravans.
  • Always follow instructions of Club's Leaders (their Cars' labelled CREW in large golden sticker on back).
  • You may like to check the standard Convoy rules (How to do desert 4x4ing: http://goo.gl/VTU4Me).


  • Five kilometers from road to beach.
  • This is the fun part. Just follow instructions of the leader and Crew.
  • The adventure gets even more fun on the way out so FOLLOW STRICTLY all advices from Crew. All is taken into consideration!
  • You MUST STAY IN THE CONVOY LINE AT ALL TIMES. If you get off on your own, Crew might not be able to find you for help.


Before they ever leave the car, make sure all your passengers are aware of PACKING TO LEAVE time (see schedule) and NEVER to miss it (note that there are no phone coverage and it'll be hard to find them in crowds).

On arrival to campsite at beach of lake, you'll find Mabrouk & Crew instructing to:

  1. Parking in a line parallel to Carpets and away from it by 15 meters (follow lead of the Leader). Park in the line leaving 1.5 to 2 meters between car next to you.
  2. Find your place on the carpet near your friends or as grouped by the Crew (Fortuner 4x4s together, Cherokee XJ together, etc.)
  3. Checkout on foot where the toilets are, where the tea/coffee will be served, the optional meal will be served (if you ordered one) and on the beach.


  • Keep your Walky Talky attached to you personally at the camp at all times not to miss any News Updates.
  • Once camped, 4x4ing is NOT ALLOWED AT ALL TIMES inside or around camp.
  • You may check any of the Club's T-shirts, or mugs.
  • Adhan will be said by Leader. Wait till you hear it, because this is different from Cairo times.
  • After iftar, feel free to walk around in and near lake. And you can lay on your back to watch stars constellation (abraag), as well as counting meteors (شهب).
  • THERE MAYBE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS, don't be shy to go join the singing, and maybe share with your dessert.
  • If you’re science-oriented, read on lake qaroun here (http://goo.gl/26aW3W).
  • If you like astronomy, Leo, Virgo are visible in the sky during the night towards South. Scorpio constellation (برج العقرب) will be still low and fully visible at the end of our time there. (see more http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scorpius). 
  • Make sure that your passengers will be ready enough time before PACKING TIME (see schedule) near your 4x4 because SEARCHING is difficult with so many people (no phone coverage)
  • There will be 2 small simple toilet tents for ladies and gents on the side. Not perfect but useful. Use your flashlight and don't stand near when occupied.


  • Packing to leave starts strictly on time (see schedule) so that cars can be ready to leave on time.
  • We share carrying our garbage back in our cars as much as we ethically can. All 4x4ers should check the area around them to collect in their bags.
  • Note that way out may be different from way in so don't go before Leader or Crew starts.


  • Fun again on the off-road part. Keep tuned to Walky Talky. Crew will be calling you with your Number on the Sticker
  • Stick to track exactly as guided by the Leader. Don't follow anyone who maybe going astray
  • Call on a Crew member to help if got stuck in sand.
  • All time is taken into consideration, so don't be alarmed.


  • Once reaching the road, we wait until others reach us from the offroad part and then move following an assigned leader.
  • The North of Lake Road continues west and around edge of Qaroun lake for 10 minutes. This segment still has some parts covered by sand, stick to Leader's instructions. Then the road curves back to east at the south of the lake towards Cairo. 
  • Once we reach the road bend at Tunis village, you are allowed to leave Convoy from this point on if you know your way home. Take permission on Walky Talky from Leader and say greetings and leave. Leader (Mabrouk) drives max 100k/h back to Cairo with whoever is following till October.


Since 2001, SaharaSafaris 4x4 Club is friendly for all ages and skills and backgrounds. It’s NOT friendly towards unsafe practices or on disrespect to Egyptian family values. It’s NOT Commercial nor aspires to be although has the highest quality and expertise needed. In the Club, we are all professionals of many industries, using it to create a good event for serious hobbyists and families in and out of Egypt. Membership of Group on Facebook or Telegram is not a condition to join, but that’s where you can ask all your questions about Exploring Nature and Culture around Egypt and the World and find our huge pool of expertise.

Find Any Crew in their badged 4x4s, or on calling on Walky Talky (emergencies only please). Leader Mabrouk is visible with his SSC branded green polo-shirt with "Keep Calm & Learn 4x4" on the back.


  • المستشار / عمرو كامل - قاضى
    اتصل بيه على التليجرام http://t.me/Judge_amr
  • مهندس / محمد طارق - شركة بروكتور أند جامبل
    اتصل بيه على التليجرام http://t.me/mahdally
  • رامى خالد - خبير أبحاث التسويق
    اتصل بيه على التليجرام http://t.me/Ramy_k
  • مهندس / محمد مبروك - قسم تسويق - اتصالات مصر
    اتصل بيه على التليجرام http://t.me/MMabrouk







- Mugs (4x4ing, Hiking, Flying, Diving, etc.) for egp65 each,

- T-shirts (high quality yellow 4x4 and Hiking) for egp120 each, and

- Car Sticker (rounded yellow, "4x4ing with SaharaSafaris") for egp5. A small sticker (6cm only) is replica of the large yellow one (2 for egp5)


The Club's official 4x4 Logbook for 4x4 safaris is now in distribution. At time of paying, you may buy one for egp20.

4x4 Logbook is the best way to document all your offroading experience. It's also good to receive your discounts from variety of providers.

To know more, check /logbook


Here's a glimpse of this impressive backgrounds of yours (yes you as a member of this Community of the Club).

Factory owners, Telecommunication Engineer, Import Expert, Manager of a Bank, Bank's Wealth Relationship Manager, Owner of food packaging, Etisalat Misr, Manager TEData, Vodafone, Production Manager, Manager at Unilever Mashreq, Engineer at Hewlett Packard Entrprise, Housewife, Engineer at Egyptian Drilling Company, Palm Hills Developments, Oracle, Doctor, HR, Editor PR, ExxonMobil, Students, EMC2, ADIB BANK, Beltone Financial, ElMansour & ElMaghraby, Clinical Oncology Consultant, IDEAL STANDARD international, Market research director, Kidzania cairo, Coca-cola, Sabbour Group, Police officer, Lawyer, Orange, Divemaster insurance, Diplomat, EgyptAir, Film Producer, Nestlé, HSBC, Dusit Thani hotel, Pharmacist, Public prosecutor (Wakil Neyaba), Judge, Leauge of Arab states, Raya, Melody Group, Intel Egypt & Levant, Smart Goods Co, Otis (and more)


Check the Community Partner in this year's Event's page (find the link at the bottom of this page), to claim your gift/discount or learn what you need to be eligible for it.

Every year, we invite some of the Club's friends to distribute relevent gifts to Members who are a very special segment of the Egyptian society. Because the Club is not Commercial, all benefits go to members directly during the event.

If you are a Business and interested in joining the partnership with out Community of Members, please contact Club's Founder Eng. Mohamed Mabrouk (on Telegram App http:t.me/mmabrouk ). By relevant, we mean anything related to 4x4s, Desert Safaris, Special Ramadan food&bev, etc.). Only participants will be eligible so you can maximize the benefit to the numbers attending only (ranges between 200 and 400 persons usually)


On https://www.facebook.com/groups/SaharaSafaris.club/ (your subscription must be approved)

On Telegram, JOIN https://t.me/SaharaSafaris4x4Club for a very experienced discussion of 4x4 and offroading news.

If you are a Toyota Fortuner Owner, you may join the SaharaSafaris Fortuner group on Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEAJILvxvukPtJBKRw

If you are a Jeep Cherokee XJ (1995-2001) Owner, you may join the SaharaSafaris XJ group on Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAD5IsMFzwxVQdEu81g

If you are a Subaru XV Owner, you may join the SaharaSafaris Subaru XV group on Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEAtsQ6MM3cgY52pvA

4x4 Iftar 2017

4x4 Iftar 2017 Mabrouk Wed, 2017/05/31 - 9:21pm

This is the final schedule and instructions of the Club's Annual 4x4 Iftar for 4x4 Owners. Here are the details of the event in Ramadan 2017.

Warning: This page should be read as a part of the main page of our annual 4x4 iftar.


Safer than ever, we got ABOU GHALY's Maintenance Car Mobile Service covering cars specially Jeeps & Subarus 4x4s as well as KTM motorbikes. In addition to the local knowledge of our Bedouin organizers preparing hot drinks, setting up toilets and providing many services.

We are going to the safe and beautiful desert lake at "Khashm elDakar" north west of Qaroun lake where a large beach can take us and feel comfortable.


Except force majeure, we will follow it by accuracy of 1 minute. Make sure you have it printed and placed in your pocket to check at any time.

- [2:20p or earlier] Arrive to meeting point

Go FIRST THING to get your official Number Sticker and pay. Make sure your passengers know the time to move or you may have to see the convoy leaving without you because some of your passengers are missing (see meeting point part)

Make sure pressure at all tires is 24 PSI

- [2:50p] Mabrouk head to his car

Mabrouk the Leader is starting to leave the parking ahead of the long convoy of 4x4s (no waiting or counting of cars so only watching your watch will help you follow)

- [3:00p] All left

Last 4x4 have left the parking in convoy

- [Approx 6:00p] Arrival to Camp

Arrival to Iftar SSC Camp. MUST follow instructions by Mabrouk & Crew to park correctly. Immediately afterwards, bring out your 2x3m (A MUST) to place in the long line of carpets parallel to cars as per instructions.

- [Approx 6:15p] At Camp

Head to see NACITA before Iftar to pay in full to get the full discount.

And you may like to head for AbouGhaly mobile service to ask them anything about their services to Jeep and Subaru.

Alternatively, Crew will pass by at your places on the long line of carpets to get people to know each others. Your collaboration is essential to make friends :)

We STRONGLY ADVICE that you share your food and bev and rest of night with people you met there.

- [6:45p] Prepare food

Go bring your food & bev to place on your carpet because Adhan is about to break.

If you ordered Mandy meal, you better be early in case of too many people. Get your tickets and head to Cooking tent to the left (facing beach) to get your dish.

Note that the Toilet tents (make-shift ones so don't have high expectations) are further left same direction.

- [Approx 7:00p] Adhan

Fayoum's time is later than Cairo's. Mabrouk the Club's Founder will announce it by Adhan to all. Don't eat before that.

Go get your tea from the Bedouin camp fire. Sit around if you like. Walk around area. Or better open the desserts to share with your new 4x4 friends.

- [9:45p] Packing Time

Packing to leave with all passengers and carry garbage bags on (nothing left behind specially garbage).

- [10:10p] Leader starts moving

Leader Car starts moving back to Cairo

-[10:45p] All cars on road

Last car left camp to road back to Cairo

Approx ETA to Cairo on 12:30a or 1:00am after midnight


ABOU GHALY's 4x4 Maintenance Mobile Service is available during the entire trip, so on emergencies, find one of our CREW to help if needed. Or go directly to the maintenance car if you see it. ABOU GHALY also has given a FREE inspection (worth egp500) for JEEP, SUBARU, and KTM before the trip for eligible participants.

NACITA is the Tires giant company in Egypt with many service and sales center around Cairo. Their "Cooper" brand for 4x4s with uts star model of AT3 as well as more aggressive and other brands for Motorbikes are some of the most economoic, reliable, and well designed tires for our streets and deserts.

They're offering a steep 12% discount strictly for those who pay in full during the event. A 10% too for those who pay in the following week (must have been registered as "attended" with us)


At the beach, you'll find a flag and NACITA representative. If you pay in full at the beach, you'll be awarded 12% discount. If you miss that a 10% will be granted after we're back in onely one week (NACITA will be awarding it to only those who participated)


In October, from Wahat Road at begining of Wadi Natroun Road right next to Total Gas Station.

On time (or earlier) or you may miss the (see schedule) the entire Event.

Directions are to go Wahat Road from Ring Road near Dream Park. Turn right at Wahat Road and drive for 12km until total station appears to your left.

The location for GPS is easy in any of the following three formats:


  1. You must park your car in Wadi Natron Road and NEVER in main Wahat Road (not even to say any greetings please until you park or traffic may get dangerous).
  2. Never park on double line صف تانى.
  3. Park only on the direction with Wahat Road is behind you.

To find Mabrouk and pay (main reason for the stop), come on foot to "Bonjour Cafe" at the gas station.

Please stick your Number Sticker high upper left on your back windshield which decides your 4x4s order (tarteeb) in Convoy.


SaharaSafaris Kayaks are not available during this Iftar. Check here: /kayaks