Why 4x4 offroading needs a course

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Many in the mid-east may criticize outdoors sports, but they're the closes thing to appreciate any country by roaming its terrain and loving what it offers and understand the risks of the forefathers who have ventured through its travel.

Outdoor adventures are character building sports. They are respected everywhere in the world and protected and secured to enable its participants including Egypt and other middle-east countries.

Even more wonder why a Course for 4x4 offroading (we use 4x4ing to differentiate from motorbike offroading). Answer could be summarized here:

  1. Middle-east natives are disconnected from their own forefathers past legacy of travelling so much it is lost and needs to be understood in form of lectures.
  2. Much of the knowledge of recent sciences also needs lectures
  3. Following a well organized trip for some is not enough. Now they can attend this course to understand most of whatever they wandered about and build a career for themselves.