Ras elHomar

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Peter Gaballa --an Egyptian-- has interestingly set up FJ45 that once used to be a pick-up. Prepared for deep desert travelling while catering for up to 30 people in the desert up to 10 days!! Once driven, "Ras El Homar" (or "Donkey's Head" in English) with a full load of just under 4 tons, and it will never let one down for those great miles in the western desert. She has a double Chassis with a re-enforced one built inside the original. Original 2F & 4 speed, headers, Twin Radiators, 2 Alternators, 2 Batteries for an endlessly running Engel Fridge, a drum of water inside with an internal pump for shower, washing..etc. 200 Litre of fuel in her belly and 300 in another tank above the Chassis. Inflate, Deflate while driving home made in Egypt. There is an Aluminum box on the back with everything listed set up inside and more, racks for all boxes spares, food, gear,..etc...

This is tribute to this great car for all the good times this Cruiser showed us some millions of smile and unforgetable journeys