Autobees Khaas licence

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Dear SS members,

I posted a question on Yashoo SS forum askingfor feedback regarding the pros and cons of using Autobees Khas when I got manyuseful replies to share with you:

My main worry was the police checkpoints;will they tell me one day ur wife should get into the car? Please let her down!!

Here is thefeedback:

I own one since2006 and in general no problems in 2007 it was bad to the point I make Rokhsamehania and renewed this year but never asked me about who with me 
One time on 2007 in my way back from sharm theytook my licenses and I got them by phone the second day I never had any seriousproblems with it and I am not parking it in front my home I did 350000Km tillnow my personal advice go for it and good luck


 The main problem is summarized as follows:


-the law is about to change, thegovernment shall set a certain wide for the chairs (i think more than 60cm for each person) that not matched with the 4x4 cars.


-Maximum allowed speed onthe roads 90KM/h not 100KM/h.


-The driver should have 2ND degree drivinglicense not private one.


- The car should be owned to a company not toa person, and the driver should have a written delegation from the ownercompany to drive the car.


i have a land cruiser otobeis khas
1. otobeis khas can be automatic or manual. Therule says 9 seats +
driver, if this is satisfied then ay 7aga. Theland cruiser automatic is
8+ driver therefore does not apply; but H1 forexample is automatic and
otobeis khas.
2. you have to register the otobeis in the name ofa company not a person
3. The company has to have a minimum of 9 + driverregistered workers in
it. metsagelein fel ta2mei at namouza 2
4. the driver (el met2amen 3aleih driver) has tojoin nekabet el sawa2ein
and get rokhsa daraga talta
5. men talat senein keda kano el legan beyghaleso;ya3ni they ask for the
driver license; the ask for khat ser etc.. bas nowla2a
- khat el seir requirement has been cancelled
- for the past 2.5 years i have not been stoppedin any check point other
than those to sharm el sheikh etc.. and they justsee the licenses and i
- homa aslan officially they do not have tge rightto ask who is in the
car, aw better said like the malaky ( they havethe same right here )
6. you cannot renew the license 3 years; bas ifyou send someone every
year he can finish it for you; they check that youstill have 9+1 workers
and ta2meinat are paid, then you pay mokhalfatthen same as malaky
if you need any more info call me at 0101014141<seif allah>”


The Land cruiser I purchased a couple ofyears ago, to license it as a private bus you pay 35% customs, while to licenseit as a private car you pay 274% customs. 274% customs do you apprehend 274%customs. Let's say you own a camera in USA and you brought it for 200 $, andyou are coming in Egypt to use it and they ask you to either return it to USAor to pay 274% of its price customs meaning to pay 548 $ customs for the 200 $camera.

If we talk about ethics, let's think what is the objectiveof the customs and where is the money collected from you spent.

Actually this discussion makes my blood boil from angeron the country I loved so much one day, so I will skip. Sorry for replying”



Customs in Egypt make more money than the ppl who madethe cars, computers, and cameras J



Considerthat those people who spent their time designing, testing and building thosecars get 100% of its price, and our government takes 2.74 (or about 3 times asmuch) without doing anything. Just to allow those cars to run in the country”



Please feel free to add your experience toshare it …