What do you need to bring in your 4x4 to course

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The Practical module in desert requires some preparations. Although we're bringing a lot of what's needed, it's good practice that you start go shopping for those items ASAP and bring them to the desert with you during this module.

Required to bring in your 4x4

  1. Your 4x4. properly maintained and fully functional
  2. Carpet 2x3m (any smaller will not work for this course or any safari) We sit on the clearn sand or beaches of desert lakes on this. Get one and leave always in your 4x4
  3. One jerrican of gasoline (ask on the group for those who will register on how to get and fill one). Not necessary but usef for emergencies
  4. Walky talky: safe standard permissible ones available in market for offroaders. Ask on our Facebook Group for used or new ones if you don't have one. GET BATTERIES or rechargers. We are on it all day and night.
  5. Sleeping bag: some prefer to sleep in stone-rooms of Zowara Ecolodge (if cold) in own sleeping bag. Certainly necessary in tent. Ask about best ones for Egyptian winters in desert on our Facebook Group.
  6. Note book and pen. You'll be asked to record things for your own 4x4 to use in your Career from now on. Use it whenever asked.
  7. During the rides of the course, everything in the back must be well tied to car floor or separated from rest of the Cabin not to hurt people if car jumps harshly.

Optional to bring

  1. GPS (OruxMaps.com for Android is best so far. Any GPS could be useful for you). You will not be instructed on it (different course we used to give 15 years ago and may bring soon again).
  2. Your Logbook (ask Crew for one) useful to maintain every ride you have in the desert from now on.
  3. GoPro or normal Cameras. We allow it all the time but we don't wait for it.
  4. Snacks for the roads. Although we have takeaway lunches but your own snacks is nice suprirse for you and your colleagues there.