A beautiful point on earth where the north meets the south and west meets the east. A beautiful peace of earth, you feel the magic of the place as soon as you step down on its land.

That place has its own unique culture, very tourist friendly, especially to Egyptians. Dare you speak in Egyptian dialect, you will never be left alone. Being offered home stays for free, dinners, free tours, all kind of advice any tourist would ever dream of.

Mt Kilimanjaro

Single highest standing mountain in the world is the highest in Africa. Because of such long trek up, one passes by several climates from equatorial at the bttom to alpine desert at the ice-capped summit.

How to get there

There are several ways to get to Kilimanjaro.

Egyptian Geographical Society

I had never come across the “Egyptian Geographic Society” before yesterday. It was mentioned to me by passing by someone who discovered my newfound interest in Sinai and rightly recommended I look it up to further my knowledge. Back home, I googled this Organization. And it is with great pride and nostalgia to discover through their official website that this Egyptian Non-Governmental Organization established in the late 19th century where it started as and is still a pioneer in its field.