SaharaSafaris Club Studio (previously The Roof)

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This the Community Center of our SaharaSafaris Club where groups (any group) adventures are being prepared, do their meetings, courses, monthly social dishparties, or just hangout with friends for a movie night or famous speakers talks, and store equipment shared by any member to all, etc. with a little contribution to the costs of the Roof and Club to cover the cost.

Roof (like rest of SaharaSafaris Club) is NOT COMMERCIAL because it is the collaborative work of members and Club's Crew which come from all professions in this Country. We act as a group of well-educated friends who do things professionally together with their families and friends


We call it "Sahara Safaris Club Roof" and this page is its Info Page to answer most of your questions about it.

Needless to say, SaharaSafaris is the oldest adventures and exploration club in the country (officially since 2001 but it started long before that). It's Egyptians-led with enormous variety of backgrounds from engineers, officers, doctors, project-managers, marketers, judges, to students.

What Kind of Activities the SSC Roof Can Host?

Whatever the space and equipment such as. For now:

  • Just come watch the sunset as individual to read a book,
  • Your group's dishparty,
  • A movie-night with your group,
  • A meeting,
  • Your Yoga sessesions,
  • etc.

We rent Datashow and Bluetooth Sound System if needed but TV and Kitchnette and all drinks are part of access cost contribution (egp70 per person).

If you have questions, please send a whatsapp message (nothing else please) to +201111254411.

What is The Club's Community Center

In SaharaSafaris old tradition since inception in 2001, we have to do many activities in town before or after our zillion trips to Nature or abroad. We used to rent variety of places or use spaces in our homes, farms, etc. This prevented us from doing so many things though, so now is the time where we rent our own Place where most of our in-town activities and parties could be done easily.

Indoors and Kitchennette

For example, we can do our large parties (few hundreds every time) coming for trips updates and social mingling before and after trips in a place we rent (special restaurants, hotel rooms, etc.). Courses were scattered and opportunistic for a room made available not by actual need of community. But unfortunately we never managed make our t-shirts, stickers, shared kayaks, shared equipment, etc. available easily, and that is the added value of an open Community Center for all the Club's needs.

Roof monthly large social dish-parties, introduce members to each other and to Crew.

Since this is not-for-profit, the more we share the less costly it becomes, so we are open for other Club's own gatherings, courses, sharing equipment too in all adventures groups such as 4x4ing, Motorbikes, Hiking, Diving, etc. Meaning they can conduct courses, do social gatherings, have meetings, all with the small fee per person covering the place and all the hot drinks they can get while there.

The Legendary ghoroud-devil and Landcruiser-expert Peter Gaballah and the super performing Rahhala Rally team led by Hany Omar and famous co-pilot Hany Madbouly and Chief Engineer Osama Hamdy

We pay for the rent and a salary of the Roof Admin plus utilities, drinks, equipment to share or rent during events/trips, but if everyone pays a small fee to access it, we can cover this cost together.

Where is it Located and When Open

It is located in a residential area in Tagamoa in a very quite street with many decent neighbors that we have mutual respect with them. It's obviously located at the Roof of the building. The Roof has very large nice open air area with a bar at the left end and a studio with a kitchenette at the right side from entrance.

At the SaharaSafaris Club Roof, Omar Samra meeting adventure lovers.

It is open ALL WEEKDAYS from 5pm to 11pm, and on some weekends as are announced in special events.

The location is now Live on Google Maps and you can always find it by "Sahara Safaris Club Roof", or just click here to find your directions to it on your phone GPS:

What kind of Activities Our Club Do in the Club's Roof

Whatever the space and equipment allows and the members or other group leaders of similar activities need to arrange. For now:

  • the monthly Social Dishparty,
  • variety of courses (First-aid, 4x4ing, Hiking, Navigation, Astronomy, photography, etc., etc.),
  • movie-nights with or without following discussions,
  • Talks by respected Speakers,
  • Yoga sessions,
  • astro-watching,
  • meetings for trips (with presentation, equips, etc.),
  • storing equipment,
  • sharing equipment (and sharing its cost),
  • sharing products (Roof distributes organic products by Bedouins or friends who wishes to with cost),
  • etc.

are some of the activities that are being arranged.

Astro-watching nights on the Roof

Shared products by members for members.

Where To Look For Schedule of Events of The Club

The link here shows all events of the Club only whether on Roof or to Nature..

Can You Do Your Own Events? Sure. Here's How

  1. Send message on whatsapp to SSC Roof Admin at 01111254411 and introduce yourself and your event,
  2. You'll get a form to fill, fill it to the best of your information,
  3. Send on whatsapp to SSC Roof Admin that you finished and your proposed dates
  4. Follow up for your confirmation

To inspect place just visit from 5pm to 11pm weekdays and meet Roof Admin.