SSC Pix Competition 2018

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Are you a 4x4er or know 4x4ers who wants to learn dunes bashing the right way? This maybe interesting for you.

بالعربي ومن الآخر ، لو صورتك بتعليقك من سفاري عملت أعلا لايكات على جروبنا في الفيسبوك بالهاشتاج الصح ، حتكسب كورس متقدم لل4×4 ببلاش وقيمته 4000 جنيه

كل التفاصيل ولينك الجروب وشروط التقديم ومعاد قفل المسابقة مكتوب بالتفصيل الممل على صفحتنا هنا

Adventure Picture/Video Competition 2018

Post one of your best adventure picture/video on our Facebook group and win a full advanced 4x4 course worth egp4000.

What's To Win

Course participation that is egp4000 worth in the most famous advanced dunes 4x4 course in Egypt (for beginners and veterans) with 100s of alumnis in all sorts of 4x4 hobbies that started back in 2006.

Here is the event of this course you can win (from Fri Jan4 to Mon Jan7, 2019):

Notes and Conditions

  • The award is transferable so you can win it and another friend who owns a serious 4x4 can use it.
  • The post must be on SaharaSafaris Club's Facebook Group .
  • The course is outside Cairo from Fri 4 to 7 Jan (payment of your lodge (est. at egp850 per person), lecture day (egp100) and gas is not included in the award of this competition. only the course fees of egp4000 will be won)
  • Owning 4x4 and being a licensed driver is all you need to do to attend the course.
  • See Full Course page here:


What is the Competition

SaharaSafaris Club organizes trips from kayaking in South Africa to 4x4 advanced safaris to diving, etc.

So post your great adventure pictures/videos with your amazing caption (in English) on SaharaSafaris Club's Facebook Group . Note: it's a closed group. Admins have to accept only serious applicants.

Of course, it is ok if you wish to invite your friends to have LIKEs. But any inconsiderate pictures or comments will ban them.

The post must have the Hashtag #sscpix (any mistake of that will disqualify your post from the competition)

How To Win The 4x4 Course

  • Be a member of our Facebook Group: SaharaSafaris Club's Facebook Group (you can only post or LIKE if you are a member)
  • Get on one of your pictures/videos minimum of 150 LIKES
  • Get on one picture/video some of the highest LIKEs in the group. Check regularly using the hashtag above to see who is in competition and who is highest.
  • At least the Top 3 (if not more) will win the course participation fees for free (egp4000. Not including lodging, lecture day and your gasoline)
  • Deadline is New Year's eve Monday 31 Dec, 2018 at 12 midnight. Any changes in LIKEs after that will not win you the prize.

What Is SaharaSafaris Club (SSC)

SaharaSafaris Club is the oldest advenutre community in Egypt and the region (20+ years). 

It is on Facebook since year 2006 and previously on Yahoogroups. It's non-Commercial (collaborative). And it's led by many experienced Egyptians of all ages and backgrounds to adventures they are good (or even experts at) inside and outside Egypt.

SaharaSafaris Club is run by a Crew of all ages and backgrounds to adventures in side and outside Egytp and is not commercial but make transparent accounts and cover only their transportation and direct costs (not their cars, gears, cameras, etc.).

Founder (Eng. Mohamed Mabrouk) is expert adventurer, offroader, hiker navigator, explorer, instructor for his researched courses and leader. He is a Telecom Marketeer by profession, Engineer by training, and ENTJ (also certified practitioner of MBTI).

What Are You Waiting For

Go post now and invite all your friends to LIKE IT FOR YOU! :)