Safaris Plans Ideas

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The following are just the labels of some destinations or scenic routes. For details search the archives of SaharaSafaris Forum or throw a question there.

4x4ing (1-day)

NOTE: Leaders must be reputed to follow with Standards and judge your capabilitiesor you may risk death! Never go with untrusted Leaders 

For Beginners 4x4ers

  • Ghoroud Samuel Corridors (غرود صامويل فى ممرات سيوفها)
  • Qaret elShora/elQosor/elQarat (قارة الشورى/ القارات / القصور)
  • Ghard elKattaneya (غرد قطانى)
  • Deir AbuLifa, North of Lake, Fayoum (دير أبو ليفة)
  • Wadi Um Ratam, Ain Sukhna Rd (وادى أم رتم)
  • North of the Qaroun Lake
  • Magic Lake (البحيرة المسحورة)

For Advanced 4x4ers

  • Ghoroud Samuel's Sand-seas (غرود صمويل فى بحور رمالها)
  • Ghard Labeeta (غرد لبيطة)
  • Ghard Abou Heneish (غرد أبو حنيش)
  • Ghard el Rammak

Guided 4x4ing (weekend)

  • Ghoroud elMe7arek
  • White Desert
  • Sannour Cave

Guided 4x4ing (long weekend 3-6 days)

  • oases (7ateyaat) near Siwa
  • Sinai C2C (from Abu Zenima to Dahab offroading)
  • Jara Cave
  • Ain Dalla
  • Qobab Dunes

Guided 4x4ing (more than a week)

  • ElGilf ElKebir,
  • Libya (an extreme destination for Egyptian offroaders)
  • then come the expensive Africa and Sahara to Morroco!

Diving (weekend)

  • from shore in diving towns like south of Hurghada or Sinai's Sharm and Dahab
  • Sea-safari (long weekend/week): to islands such as Zabargad and Brothers

Sports orientation/ practice (normally one day)

  • biking,
  • diving,
  • rock-climbing,
  • gliding,
  • fishing,
  • jogging in Nature,
  • hiking on Degla cliffs.

City tours

Countryside tours

  • Nile islands,
  • markets all over Egypt

On-road (1-day)

  • Ain Sukhna,
  • Fayoum,
  • Ismailia,
  • Wadi Rayan (lake and dunes),
  • Alex,
  • Beni Suef,
  • Tanta,
  • Wadi Degla walks in canyon.

On-road (weekend)

  • all above,
  • HIKES (Arbaein, Mt Katrina),
  • Burullus Lake,
  • Manzala lake,
  • Tell elAmarna,
  • Asyout,
  • AlKarm Mountain Ecolodge,
  • 3ein 7amra Lodge,
  • North Sinai towns.

On-road (long weekend 3-4 days)

  • all the above,
  • elGalt hike,
  • UmShomar hike,
  • Sarabit elKhadem hike,
  • Oases,
  • Siwa,
  • South Sinai

On-road (week or more)

  • all the above,
  • Jordan (Petra and Amman),
  • Sudan (Meroe and Khartoum 's markets),
  • Tunisia,
  • Libya (elKoufra oasis?),
  • Syria.

Outside Region


  • Italy
  • France
  • Netherlands: Amsterdam and The Hague, etc.
  • India
  • China
  • USA: Route 66, California coastline




At Winter it's too cold for hiking in the Mountains of Sinai (typically colder than Cairo by 15 ºC or more) while the heat is leaving the Western desert in the best of climates... just right! :)

Winter: 4x4ing, On-road, etc.

Summer: Hiking, Outside Egypt, Sa7el, etc.