Kollo Bel7enneya Yefok

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كله بالحنية يفك

A moto (شعار) in Arabic that is used repeatedly in teaching all offroad driving styles by SUVs. It translates loosely to "Easy Does It" and literally "all could be unraveled by gentleness". This key-concept of offroad driving is counter-intuitive because when you start moving your 4x4 on loose sand or any similar loose surface (snow, mud, etc), most beginners tend to compensate for the loss of traction (the slippage of tires on surface) by stubbornly revving up hard which aggravates the situation always by digging so deep (slipping tires take sand from underneath and throw it out of the hole underneath it in a sort of sand-fountain which makes it even harder to get it out and quickly the car needs outsiders help. The veteran driver always drives ever so carefully on loose sand minimizing slippage (maximizing traction) until the vehicle gains speed which requires of course transforming the style of driving in which the weight of the vehicle works for you rather than against you. This initial 'easy' handling of the gas pedal with extreme gentleness and sensitivity looking for "traction" rather than anything else, is what most beginners feel very difficult to learn and why instructors keep repeating the instruction until it turned into a Moto for all to remember in all difficult beginnings.

Note: This Moto (Koll Bel7enneya Yefok) is strictly for SUV 4x4 drivers and like any other motos/proverbs could be taken out of Context. The club is not responsible for such 'out-of-context' interpretations and may claim its full legal rights if someone abuse it.