How to prepare your car to desert 4x4ing

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There are many ways to prepare a 4x4 for action in desert. In many ways, most stock 4x4s are ready for most actions but not for all. Some agents specialize in Egypt to fit 4x4s for such actions.

Outfitting your 4x4 with equipment has to be for a purpose so please read well why and how to prepare each for your 4x4.


It's important to mention here that 'Recovery' is the art of bringing a sand-stuck car back to traction and to be able to move itself using its own engine. 


How to prepare and operate certain 4x4 brands in Egypt for desert offroading

Important Manuals for some 4x4s to download


Gasoline consumption averages for select SUVs

Consumption of gas on- and off-road is one of the most important features to learn aboutu SUVs for Desert Cross Country safaris. Only with careful research you can secure enough gas to cover the distances over legs of a route safely and without having to leave the 4x4 behind.

4x4 Average Onroad highway at 90kph (L/100KM) Average Offroad dunes (L/100KM)
Jeep Wrangler 2013 and later (pentastar) 10 40
Jeep Wrangler pre-2013 10 45
Toyota Fortuner 4.0L (6 cyl) 10 40
Jeep Cherokee XJ (6 cyl) 15 45
Dodge RAM 1500 (8 cyl) 15 60
Daihatsu Terios 10 25


* to convert from X L/100 KM to Y KM/Jerrycan (Arabic: كيلو فى الصفيحة) use this equation: Y=(100/X)*20


Fixed Equipment


Those are parts or complete kits that you need to go to a workshop to install them in your 4x4. for example, new suspension shocks (Arabic: مساعدين), etc. or you install them in your own garage if you have a private one with enough skills and tools. It's important to separate this section because non-fixed tools have entirely different nature. For this section of fixed gear, you need to be careful for size, necessary changes, quality of installation, and hidden costs. Few outfitters are experienced and credible enough to handle this section in the market.


This is an important element for most 4x4s which have no pick-up box in the back to carry their jerry-cans and other loads. Roof-racks are the best part to have handles to fix accessories on during trips such as shovels, sand-mats, hi-lifts, etc.


Shock-absorbers and springs (Coil or leaf) are important to configure for loads. Most stock 4x4s (bought as manufactured for 'normal' use) don't allow for big loads. Big loads compress the springs to dangerous limits which makes them unable to function well on rough terrain and which --consequently-- impacts their ability to avoid sand-stuck situations, handling well, slopes handling, etc.


Lights fixed on roof on front which is used mainly for path-finding during nights by the Leader. They have the problem of illuminating the hood and dashboard too much during their work and the inflexibility of turning in directions.

Lights on the back or side are sometimes used to help in camping or during parking the car. Those are of relatively low importance.


Measured by tons of pull. Usually used by placing one end of the cable on another car to either pull own car or the other car.


  • In Egypt, license must mention specifically that the car has protruding parts from bumper (ie, brush guards, winches, etc.)
  • Unibody cars (3ala 3elab Arabic: على علب. non-Chassis cars) such as Cherokee of all years models, have a problem in placing a winch fixed on any of its frontal points. Winch causes fatigue on the Unibody which lessens its rigidity and distort its dimensions by frequent use of the winch.


allowing best air-intake to ensure good engine performance. The engine intakes less dust and cooler air due to higher location of intake scoop. 


Those replacing the stock bumpers are important because they allow stronger points of towing, hi-lift manual winch points, winch-platform, etc.

Non-fixed Tools

Tools you don't need to install so no hidden costs, bad quality of installation or truly hidden costs. Those are all dependent on your purpose of buying and skills of using.

Towing straps

Used like winch but the pull is dependent on the possible traction of the car that pulls. Some types are elastic "Snatch Straps" allowing the pulling car to start moving suddenly to cause a sudden pull at the elastic strap which usually allows higher values of pulling force at the strap right after the shock stretches the strap to its max. CAUTION: all people must be cleared off a radius around the straps to allow a broken cable to lash at nobody.


although simple, it's a much necessary piece of tool to clear sand off the side of tires. The recovery techniques used are subject to different methods but the sand-clearing could be done in anyway.

4x4 and Camping Traders/Outfitters in Egypt

There are already many who provide variety of professional services in Egypt. The following are most common ones.

Sr Name Description and Specialty Contacts Category Remarks
1 Offroad Egypt - Shaheer Yostos 

The largest and first 4x4 fitters in town. can convert stock 4x4s to serious expedition-ready. Sells parts or sell and fit them to 4x4s.

For specific items, shop around on website ( ) or web. Shahir ships to Egypt with agreed margin over web price.

Shahir advices freely for those who may buy and has some of the best knowledge of DOs and DONTs re most specific types/models/brands of known 4x4s in this terrain. 

Email:, Mobile: +20-12-23169196 Heavy --fixed-- 4x4 tools and modifications (turnkey or less in workshops)  
2 Mohamed elKhodary Call to see items currently on sale. Mobile: +201006630751 Camping
Light 4x4 tools
3 Camping Gear Egypt  Has a warehouse in Tagamoa but can check selections and make questions on:
Mobile no.: 012-236 33 36 1

Light 4x4 tools
4 is opening the opportunity for ordering aftermarket and OEM parts for your car or truck from the USA at the lowest prices and with the fastest delivery. Dealer & Sole Supplier of many aftermarket parts, Suspension, Exhaust, Accessories, Engine mods., Etc

Ahmed Shouman
Tel: +20111 5555 456

Heavy --fixed-- 4x4 tools and modifications (turnkey or less in workshops)

Other specialities:

Light --Non fixed-- 4x4 items (no workshop needed to install)

5 Off- Road Traxx 4WD accessories and hardware, ARB, products, Old Man Emu suspension, IPF lights, Airlift Products Quick fist holders, Garvin Wilderness racks, Long Ranger fuel tanks, Safari Snorkel, ProComp products, Jet Performance power chips and modules, LED lights, Winches, Engel fridges and many more products for Off-Road use. Off-Road Traxx, 4WD accessories and Hardware
Khaled Sobhi
Tel: 01222155042
Address: 25 Nerco buildings Road 233 Degla, Maadi 11431-Cairo
Heavy --fixed-- 4x4 tools and modifications (turnkey or less in workshops)  
6 The JP Store - Egypt The JP Store - Egypt ..... Take your Ride to the next level !
4X4 Gear & Accessories
How to contact us?
Email: -
Mobile: +2 0100 788 7960 / +2 0100 899 8980
We are a leading 4X4 accessories company in Egypt, we provide a variety of 4X4 products for our customers. We work hard to help you turn your vehicle into a top-notch ride by availing high quality accessories & Gear coming directly from USA.
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8 TOPGEAR EGYPT store About: TOPGEAR EGYPT store - JEEP Accessories
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TOPGEAR EGYPT store.....
#66,104st.,El-Ettehad sq.,Maadi
AHMED:01155544220 / SHERIEF:0111 551 6559 - 0106 601 6110… Heavy --fixed-- 4x4 tools and modifications (turnkey or less in workshops), Light 4x4 tools
9 Sherif Kamal When it comes to fun, EEV Engineering is all business. That’s why we use nothing but the best materials and processes to build the highest quality products made in Egypt. 4x4 off road bumbers and more......
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In Cairo there are many skilled and well-equipped fabricators (Arabic: حدادين) for cars modifications. ِA fabricator usually can use raw rolled bars, steel sheets, etc. to bend and weld in their shops to build any construction for cars or else. Usually, they work from experience tested by many of their clients and may reject some of your designs. The good ones can explain why, while others may not. They're bounded in knowledge to what they saw so some new technologies may take time from them to absorb. Also, bounded by available raw materials which must be pliant, light-weight, and as strong as need be.

You can see this table as contributed by SaharaSafaris members:

Sr Name Description and Specialty Contacts Category Fame Rate Remarks

Hagg Taher

الحاج طاهر

Installs all modifications kits or implement specially designed modifications for suspension and sometimes buddy.

Skilled fabricator (Sometimes in Arabic: حداد) and machinist (most times in Arabic: خراط) with good tools and skills in his workshop.

Famous for re-inforcements of parts when modifications are done. Nothing based on Engineering calculations, but based on field-tests from heavy ralley usage.

Mobile: +201005183366

GPS Location: 

Address: Ka3bish from Faisal Str. Giza.



5 stars

Avoid dates of ralleys.

Expensive but worth it if you are seeking reliability.


Hagg Said

الحاج سعيد

Install suspension kits with small modifications, reinforce weakly designed parts


Manial Shi7a



5 stars

Avoid dates of ralley

Specialized in Land cruisers



عبد اللطيف

Excellent mechanic.

Can install simple kits in his workshops


El Tersa Street, Haram



5 stars

Excellent with all cars. Specialized in Land cruisers

Was once Assistance in Pharaoh's Ralley


Alaa BMW

علاء بى إم

Can do modifications on Chassis and and in body.

Can work in others workshops or at your own garage.

01006878780 Not known 1 star  



How to prepare your car to desert 4x4ing