Hiking Training

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Mountains walks or "Hiking" as it is now called in Egypt is not a science but a special type of trips which require special readiness in few things to avoid injuries that are extremely easy to avoid.

Since, 2002, this is the most famous Hiking "preparation orientation" by SaharaSafaris Hiking Club titled "Everything You Wish To Know About Hiking in Egypt and World" 

This orientation is designed to prepare everyone for maximum benefits with maximum safety. Since safety comes first, we obviously give much attention to possible injuries. We not only present all risks and injuries to avoid, but we also explain the incredible world of mountains to start your fascinating trip with knowledge and respect and great fun to come back with.


Session starts 6.30p and ends 10.30p. Be punctual.


Location is the SaharaSafaris Club Roof at Tagamoa opening 6.15p and closing 11pm.

Pay egp70 per person to share cost of the Roof and free drinks in kitchenette.


Eng. Mohamed Mabrouk has a MPhil from University of Nottingham on the Environment of Mountains of Sinai, and has led countless hundreds of hikes since 2001. 15 years ago, Mabrouk has been the first to train other Hiking Leaders and prepare beginner hikers in Egypt and through SaharaSafaris has started the massive hiking operations by Egyptians we see today. He also has worked with authorities and Bedouin tribes as Grant Manager of EU (SSRDP) to develop and integrate local communities in National economy. He has hiked extensively in Egypt and abroad. He is completing his world's hikes bucket-list by offering it in SaharaSafaris for others to join his exploration as his job allows.

As founder, he's working on building a very young crew (if you are 25 or younger and own a car send him a message on t.me/mmabrouk ) of volunteer leaders in SaharaSafaris to lead club's hiking events and spread the culture of "calculated risks explorations" and good control of operations.


Send privately to Mabrouk on @mmabrouk (Telegram app only) the following:

  1. Full Name
  2. Mobile
  3. SSC-ID
  4. Date and "Hking Training"

If you have no SSC-ID you can do one here: https://goo.gl/forms/UlUNSfON2YKBOM7p2 (will save time every time you make reservations of anything in SaharaSafaris Clubs)

If must send without SSC-ID, please add the following data:

  1. email
  2. job and company you work for

Note 1. If you are making reservations for several persons, then please send all the above for each