super zoom lenses for Nikon

I am selling tow super-zoom
lenses, I got both for a trip that has been cancelled and now I need to
invest their value in lenses that I will be using more! both lenses are
just tested never been used in field. Both for Nikon :)

1- Sigma (for Nikon) 150-500 auto-focus with Optical Stabilizer motor +

Type of item
Zoom Lenses
LE 6400

How to handle Canon EOS error99

Submitted by 1913war on Wed, 2010/05/19 - 12:21pm

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One maybe astonished when faced with a malfunction on one's Canon EOS. the camera is not responding to trigger and instead of shooting a frame, a flashing message pop-up on LCD indicating “ERROR99”. Some start by questioning the battery, CF card and lens mount, but it may prove to be worse.

How to do Safaris Photography

Submitted by Mabrouk on Thu, 2009/04/23 - 7:24pm

Safaris photography is an enjoyable experience that enables you to explore the place you visit and express your observation to the world. It may range but is not limited to the following categories of photography; Nature, Landscape, Portrait, wildlife, Journalism, Sports, however, like any other activity it has its challenges that may turn this lovely experience into a nightmare if the photography equipment are not well handled.