About this 4x4 Course

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We have several formats for the course to customize for several needs.

The Current Format

The course is called "SSC Advanced 4x4 Dunes Offroading Course" and it is designed to fit in 2 modules all taught in one package:

  1. Module 1 -- Lectures: 9 hours with hundreds of slides, videos and concepts. If some think they can attend Module 2 practical in desert without attending Lectures (module 1), they will not understand most of the instructions nor the technical explanations of techniques of their training. Therefore, it is obligatory now. Lectures maybe offered in a single full day or over several weekdays evenings. You can learn here even if you still haven't bought your first 4x4 (well, you need to know before you buy). It's open for any curious one and for all ages. No printed handout but 90% of material is on our website www.SaharaSafaris.org/how-to-do-desert-4x4ing
  2. Module 2 -- Practical in desert: 3 days of about 40 hours of training in your own 4x4 in Ghoroud Samuel lodged in Zowara Ecolodge (toilets and 3 meals and some stone-rooms in addition to camping) just outside the dunes-field. Instruction fees are per 4x4er who are encouraged to bring passengers to help along (no shared driving nor distraction). You pay for your lodging and food.

The Families Format

Only 3 hours course, with or without an actual 4x4 Safari.

Sometimes, we are giving a very short version of the course theory (only 3 hours) for all your family and friends and curious ones who maybe interested. It's a good version for your School, University, or Club too. It's done by the same instructor of the Professional full course of SaharaSafaris club so although very simplified, it's highly accurate and engaging from real trips pictures and tools.

Customized Courses for Groups

We may provide customized schedules and formats for groups in Clubs and individuals of 7 or more.Send SSC Admins at https://wa.me/201111254411 (whatsapp only on +201111254411) with details of experience, types or 4x4s, where did you hear about the course, etc. and we will get back to you.

A Flyer

An old flyer for this as project for the non-Commercial SaharaSafaris Club could be found here: