4x4 Iftar 2017

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This is the final schedule and instructions of the Club's Annual 4x4 Iftar for 4x4 Owners. Here are the details of the event in Ramadan 2017.

Warning: This page should be read as a part of the main page of our annual 4x4 iftar.


Safer than ever, we got ABOU GHALY's Maintenance Car Mobile Service covering cars specially Jeeps & Subarus 4x4s as well as KTM motorbikes. In addition to the local knowledge of our Bedouin organizers preparing hot drinks, setting up toilets and providing many services.

We are going to the safe and beautiful desert lake at "Khashm elDakar" north west of Qaroun lake where a large beach can take us and feel comfortable.


Except force majeure, we will follow it by accuracy of 1 minute. Make sure you have it printed and placed in your pocket to check at any time.

- [2:20p or earlier] Arrive to meeting point

Go FIRST THING to get your official Number Sticker and pay. Make sure your passengers know the time to move or you may have to see the convoy leaving without you because some of your passengers are missing (see meeting point part)

Make sure pressure at all tires is 24 PSI

- [2:50p] Mabrouk head to his car

Mabrouk the Leader is starting to leave the parking ahead of the long convoy of 4x4s (no waiting or counting of cars so only watching your watch will help you follow)

- [3:00p] All left

Last 4x4 have left the parking in convoy

- [Approx 6:00p] Arrival to Camp

Arrival to Iftar SSC Camp. MUST follow instructions by Mabrouk & Crew to park correctly. Immediately afterwards, bring out your 2x3m (A MUST) to place in the long line of carpets parallel to cars as per instructions.

- [Approx 6:15p] At Camp

Head to see NACITA before Iftar to pay in full to get the full discount.

And you may like to head for AbouGhaly mobile service to ask them anything about their services to Jeep and Subaru.

Alternatively, Crew will pass by at your places on the long line of carpets to get people to know each others. Your collaboration is essential to make friends :)

We STRONGLY ADVICE that you share your food and bev and rest of night with people you met there.

- [6:45p] Prepare food

Go bring your food & bev to place on your carpet because Adhan is about to break.

If you ordered Mandy meal, you better be early in case of too many people. Get your tickets and head to Cooking tent to the left (facing beach) to get your dish.

Note that the Toilet tents (make-shift ones so don't have high expectations) are further left same direction.

- [Approx 7:00p] Adhan

Fayoum's time is later than Cairo's. Mabrouk the Club's Founder will announce it by Adhan to all. Don't eat before that.

Go get your tea from the Bedouin camp fire. Sit around if you like. Walk around area. Or better open the desserts to share with your new 4x4 friends.

- [9:45p] Packing Time

Packing to leave with all passengers and carry garbage bags on (nothing left behind specially garbage).

- [10:10p] Leader starts moving

Leader Car starts moving back to Cairo

-[10:45p] All cars on road

Last car left camp to road back to Cairo

Approx ETA to Cairo on 12:30a or 1:00am after midnight


ABOU GHALY's 4x4 Maintenance Mobile Service is available during the entire trip, so on emergencies, find one of our CREW to help if needed. Or go directly to the maintenance car if you see it. ABOU GHALY also has given a FREE inspection (worth egp500) for JEEP, SUBARU, and KTM before the trip for eligible participants.

NACITA is the Tires giant company in Egypt with many service and sales center around Cairo. Their "Cooper" brand for 4x4s with uts star model of AT3 as well as more aggressive and other brands for Motorbikes are some of the most economoic, reliable, and well designed tires for our streets and deserts.

They're offering a steep 12% discount strictly for those who pay in full during the event. A 10% too for those who pay in the following week (must have been registered as "attended" with us)


At the beach, you'll find a flag and NACITA representative. If you pay in full at the beach, you'll be awarded 12% discount. If you miss that a 10% will be granted after we're back in onely one week (NACITA will be awarding it to only those who participated)


In October, from Wahat Road at begining of Wadi Natroun Road right next to Total Gas Station.

On time (or earlier) or you may miss the (see schedule) the entire Event.

Directions are to go Wahat Road from Ring Road near Dream Park. Turn right at Wahat Road and drive for 12km until total station appears to your left.

The location for GPS is easy in any of the following three formats:


  1. You must park your car in Wadi Natron Road and NEVER in main Wahat Road (not even to say any greetings please until you park or traffic may get dangerous).
  2. Never park on double line صف تانى.
  3. Park only on the direction with Wahat Road is behind you.

To find Mabrouk and pay (main reason for the stop), come on foot to "Bonjour Cafe" at the gas station.

Please stick your Number Sticker high upper left on your back windshield which decides your 4x4s order (tarteeb) in Convoy.


SaharaSafaris Kayaks are not available during this Iftar. Check here: /kayaks